Oenology and canyon of ruffes

Date: Tuesday 1 oct 2019 - Tuesday 31 Dec 2019

Embark on a comfortable minibus, discover another world "the canyon des
Ruffes "and finish your escape with a visit and tasting of Larzac terraces.

- Beginning afternoon: Visit the Ruffian Canyon
In a few minutes you leave the vineyards and the olive trees to discover a decor hardly credible.
Large expanses of red soil, valleys, a small river: it's like being in Colorado.
We take this stream which gradually turns into a canyon to reach a beautiful waterfall 30 m high.
During the ride you may fall under the spell of pretty capitelles arranged along the way.

- Late afternoon: Visit of the vineyard, the estate and tasting
You will visit the estate alongside Estelle, a winemaker devoted to her job. She will be happy to tell you
the history of his domain. You can stroll among the olive trees and contemplate their different varieties.
You will be charmed by the capitelles, small houses of dry stones.
To end the day in style, you will taste the treasure of the lands you have surveyed, the vintages of the estate.

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