L'atelier de la Peluche

Address: 8 rue Jacques d'Aragon ATELIER PELUCHE, 34000 Montpellier Show map

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Address: 8 rue Jacques d'Aragon ATELIER PELUCHE, 34000 Montpellier

L’Atelier de la peluche is a timeless shop in the heart of Montpellier. It offers everybody the possibility to create their own teddy bear customized according to your tastes. An activity that will turn into a magical & unforgettable moment for young and old!

L’Atelier de la peluche is first and foremost a place where everyone (young and old) can let their imagination roam free (thanks to the endless possibilities) and create a soft toy which will be just like them. Creating a personalized soft toy, this is the main activity of l’Atelier de la peluche, but how does it work?
This activity is composed with 6 steps, during which a personal choice is essential to make a unique teddy bear!
The first step is to choose a teddy bear among a wide range. From the classic bear to the koala or even the dolphin, everything is possible! The second step is to choose a sound for your teddy bear: kisses, the sound of a cat or even a personal recording, that is how you allow your teddy bear to talk. Come then the moment to entrust to him a secret: on a small piece of paper begins a big history of friendship and confidence. After adopting it, you must feed it! Yes, the teddy bear is empty at the beginning, but it is thanks to a magic machine that it is filled and becomes thus the PERFECT teddy bear to cuddle! To make sur your friendship will last forever, a ceremony is set up during the fifth stage and it is a promise of friendship, not to be neglected! Finally, you can dress it, a wide choice is at your disposal to make your desires come to life. To be able to bring your teddy bear (or your new best friend) everywhere, a passport, just for him is created, thus you will never be separated, even on vacation!
Still in the perspective of an authentic shop that stands out above the crowd, it has a large choice of wooden toys, which will plunge into childhood a large number of adults and will delight the little ones to whom these toys will be offered.

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