Bubble foot with EKIOZ

Address: 400 avenue Marcel Daussault, 34170 CASTELNAU-LE-LEZ

Address: 400 avenue Marcel Daussault, 34170 CASTELNAU-LE-LEZ

A sparkling experience ! This funny way to play football win already all the votes and can be adapted to others sports.

We propose diverses animation with several games. This activity can be share with friends, collegues or family ! Suitable for EVERYBODY from 7 to 77 years old !

Intergenerational, ludic, exclusive and safe define the state of mind of EKIOZ

ACCESS : Tram ligne 2, stop « La Galine »
LANGAGES SPOKEN : Anglais - Français
SERVICES AND ÉQUIPMENTS : Private parking, Bar, Restoration, Club House, Terrace, Outdoor

Book online, 2 offers:
- Classic Party €200 for 8-15 people, 1 hour game.
- Birthday offer €230 for 8-15 people, 1 hour game. Provision of a table set after the animation for 45 min, with Coca Cola, a Capri-Sun by child, a Nike T-shirt bearing the image of our partner Urban Soccer for who her party anniversary.

Place: Urban Soccer Castelnau-le-Lez, (400 Avenue Marcel Dassault, 34170 Castelnau-le-Lez).
Voucher valid six months, select a date to confirm the booking, after booking you will have six months to do this activity.
No cancellation non-refundable.
Reservation at least one week before the event.
Please print your voucher, you will have to present this document before the beginning of the activity.
After booking, EkiOz contact you to set the time and day of the activity.

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