Visit Montpellier - Guided city tour in English: Historical Center

30 allée Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, 34000 MONTPELLIER (show map)
Type: Guided tour
Category: Events, Guided tour, Guided tours in foreign languages
Date: Saturday 19 oct 2019 - Saturday 7 Mar 2020
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Individual reviews by our guests (showing 1-10 of 15)

Great insights into Montpellier

Recommended by Dorothy , France (France Mon 16 Sep 2019)
“Very enjoyable tour with opportunities to see amazing places you can’t normally go to. The guide was excellent and made the tour fun as well as informative”
Overall opinion 5 of 5

Very enjoyable and enlightening

Recommended by Angel, United Kingdom (United Kingdom Thu 29 Aug 2019)
“Enjoyed this guided walk very much. Saw places you would not see without the guide. Spoke very good clear English and made it very interesting and informative ”
Overall opinion 5 of 5

Great guide!

Recommended by Anonymous , United Kingdom (United Kingdom Sun 25 Aug 2019)
“Excellent guided tour with impeccable knowledge displayed by the guide.”
Overall opinion 5 of 5

Visite de 3 beaux et principaux sites du...

Recommended by Jutopy, France (France Wed 14 Aug 2019)
“Visite de 3 beaux et principaux sites du centre historique de Montpellier : Comédie, Mikvé et Arc de Triomphe. Avec en 2 petites heures les explications générales.”
Overall opinion 4 of 5

Beau moment à partager

Recommended by Chris, France (France Thu 18 Jul 2019)
“Très intéressante visite avec un guide parlant parfaitement l'anglais pour nos amis australiens et pas avare de son temps. Merci nous avons découvert des endroits insolites. ”
Overall opinion 5 of 5

Great orientation

Recommended by Jade, Australia (Australia Wed 03 Jul 2019)
“Had a lovely afternoon exploring Montpellier and understanding more about its architecture, history and the changes that make it the beautiful city it is today. ”
Overall opinion 5 of 5

Very informative tour

Recommended by Jane, Australia (Australia Mon 10 Jun 2019)
“Even though we had explored Montpellier for almost a week, there was so much more this tour gave us. Julia is a very knowledgeable guide with a lovely sense of humour. We enjoyed our two hours with her v much and learnt a lot more about the city than we had been able to glean by ourselves.”
Visit Montpellier - Guided city tour in English: Historical Center replies (Fri 05 Jul 2019) Dear Jane, Thank you very much for your comments. See you soon ! Sandrine, Resp Qualité
Overall opinion 5 of 5

Friendly & informative

Recommended by Jackie , Ireland (Ireland Wed 20 Mar 2019)
“Very good tour with access to places which I couldn’t visit by myself ”
Overall opinion 5 of 5

A fascinating and enjoyable tour revealing many secrets about Montpellier

Recommended by Hilary, France (France Mon 25 Feb 2019)
“After having visited Montpellier many times over a 30-year period, I learned more than I could have hoped for on this excellent guided tour with Danielle. I saw many buildings in a new light and understood how they had come to be built and by whom. 1000-years of history was revealed in fascinating detail, such as the meaning of many of the stone-carvings that decorate the medieval and Haussman-era fascades; the history of Montpellier's Jewish community through the ages; the grand urban plans (some of which never came to fruition!) over the centuries. We visited an ancient underground Jewish baths and finished the tour with the stunning panorama over the city from the top of the triumphal arch (which is older than Paris' Arc de Triomphe). I wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone visiting (or already living in) Montpellier and its surrounds.”
Visit Montpellier - Guided city tour in English: Historical Center replies (Tue 16 Apr 2019) WOW! Dear Hilary, What a beautifil description you made of the city. I officially appoint you best goodwill ambassador of Montpellier ;). Many thanks Hilary. We trully appreciate your comments. Sandrine, resp qualité
Overall opinion 5 of 5

Talking about history

Recommended by Katie, Cape Verde (Cape Verde Mon 04 Feb 2019)
“Excellent overview of the city, with more talking than walking. I would have liked to go further even though it was raining hard. It would have been nice to see more interiors especially since it was raining. The guide was great with lots of maps that I could not see and documents that were impossible to read. But it was a lot of history which is good. Unfortunately, he was a patronizing chauvinist as are so many French men who have it stuck in their brains that women are somehow others, but that’s also part of the tour nest pas?”
Overall opinion 4 of 5

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